Tronco 20oz Glass Tumbler with Straw

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  • If your glass bottle breaks within the first year of purchase, we will ship you a replacement for free and cover the shipping cost
  • Odor-free, stain-free, clean tasting, 100% Borosilicate Glass with real wood friction-fit lid
  • Colorful silicone sleeves prove a no-slip grip and make it easy for kids and gueststo identify their own glasses Protective silicone sleeves make the glass perfect for outdoor use as it will not sweat in warm weather.
  • Tronco glass water bottle can be used to fill many kinds of liquids, such as cold / hot water, milk and beverages etc.
  • All parts BPA/BPS free and top rack dishwasher-safe. Do not microwave. Do not freeze.


Tronco 20oz Glass Tumbler Glass Water Bottle Straw Silicone Protective Sleeve Bamboo Lid – BPA Free

3134 reviews for Tronco 20oz Glass Tumbler with Straw

  1. Christine

    Love the glass with protective silicone sleeve and sleek looking design. BPA free and no plastic other than the straw which is easily switched out with another straw.

  2. Linda Karbo

    Love the design and sustainability factor. Appreciate that the bottle is dishwasher safe.

  3. Amanda Cody

    Love the design! Keeps my morning matcha cold and refreshing!

  4. Taylor Young

    This product was recommended to me and I love it! It’s perfect for taking my water or iced coffee to work, and I love how sleek it is. There’s so many colors to choose from, I’ll probably buy another!

  5. Jans Iverson

    We liked the design and the color options so much we got a second one.

  6. katie phillips

    the shipping was fast and easy , i collect cups and this is definitely one of my favorites. and it was a plus that is came with two straw options.

  7. Rylie Murray

    It was pretty cool I like how it is glass and white looks very sleek

  8. Ashley Jackson

    This tumbler has been the only thing I’ve been drinking out of since I got it. I like how it’s made of glass and has a silicon covering around it so that it won’t break as easily. I will be purchasing again!

  9. Felicia Cole

    Great product. Love the design and silicone sleeve to protect glass. Highly recommend

  10. Kelsey Camalieri

    Very functional and stylish cup! Love how it’s glass and has a silicone sleeve to protect it.

  11. Juan L Castillo

    its a nice looking drink carrier, thanks

  12. Natasha French

    I absolutely love this product. I have used it since I received it.

  13. Roseann Rodriguez

    I saw this product on TIkTok and automatically liked it! I love that it comes in so many different colors and the top is wood. I drink lots of water and needed a cup I could take with me everywhere. I could also put iced coffee in it too. I love that it came with two straws a clear one and white. I will be purchasing another one for my husband and also one for my mom!

  14. Katelyn Billings

    I love the look of it! It is very sleek and classy! I love the simplicity of the design and that it comes with two different straws! I’m going to order about 4 more.

  15. Sarah Cortesi

    Such a cute sleek design, love the bamboo lid and the secure straw hole and the two straws that came with the cup was a nice touch! I’m a little concerned about the white cover getting dirty but I loved the clean crisp look it gave!

  16. Katherine Meakem

    I love my tumbler! I’m always forgetting to drink water, but because I love the look and design of the water bottle so much, I don’t mind keeping it next to my bed or out on the counter where I see it and remember to take a drink!

  17. Loren Lara

    I was searching for a new cup and this one was by far my favorite. It is such a unique and simple design, but still very aesthetically pleasing. And you cannot beat the price! It is one of my best purchases from Amazon and I can’t wait to get more colors!!

  18. Alize Williams

    This product is so chic and I love the aesthetic look it gives great for at home ice coffee and replacement of plastic water bottle

  19. Brandy Livingston

    Great product. Love the size, color and quality. Can’t go wrong with a Tumbler when you are on the go.

  20. Lisa

    I love the way it looks and the bamboo lid is everything

  21. Jessica Seagull

    I initially was drawn to this tumbler for the look of it, then I read all the reviews and they were great! I just had to try it. It’s the perfect size and very eco friendly. I’d for sure recommend it to my friends and family!

  22. Emily Kenyon

    I love this tumbler! I was looking for something to keep at my desk as I work from home. The design is so cute. It helps encourage me to stay hydrated throughout the day!

  23. Sonia Murray

    It’s so easy to clean and is the perfect size for my afternoon iced coffee.

  24. Caroline Kelly

    Love the look and concept behind the product! Great tumbler for sure.

  25. Victoria Solorio

    I really love this tumbler ! I am a water bottle fanatic and always trying to find a nice cup to drink water out of ! I really love the look and ESPECIALLY that it is glass. I always think that the straw and rubber grip is perfect for on the go . I like to sip out of this when I’m in the car driving to work or just sitting in the sun getting a tan . Definitely want to buy in different colors ! Totally recommend

  26. Jacob White

    It is stylish, portable and fun to use. Having two straws is perfect, and removing the silicon cap for Bubble Tea is perfection!

  27. Laila Al-Harthy

    It’s aesthetically pleasing and the design itself is really what got me.

  28. Daniela Osorio

    I don’t not wish to further elaborate,I typed this as a response.


    I really like the design of the cup, It is simple and cute. The price is worth to buy. Also it can have cool or hot water so that I can have coffee or juice. it is BPA free which is really good for environment and our health . The size of the water cup is really good for me . I can have enough water and enough space to carry. I really like this water cup and will recommender this one to my friend. I also plan buy one for my parents. They like this one too.

  30. Heidi Pikula

    The only way I drink enough water is if I have something like this to drink from!
    I was looking for a nice, glass water bottle, not too big, but big enough that I didn’t have to constantly refill it… AND it had to have a straw.

    This is perfect! The size is not too overwhelming, but big enough to keep me motivated to drink more water.

    I love it.

  31. aurora

    i found this bottle because i was looking for something to bring to school. i really like the design and the functionality!

  32. Alexis Miller

    I love this product!! Super cute and functional!

  33. Stephen Dominguez

    It’s pretty chill and cool looking

  34. Fabiola De Andrade

    Its so easy to use – I love how it looks on my desk! since it doesn’t take a lot of space 🙂 Plus Having a star for me makes it easier to drink water than just opening a cap and closing it.

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