Tronco 20oz Glass Tumbler with Straw

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  • If your glass bottle breaks within the first year of purchase, we will ship you a replacement for free and cover the shipping cost
  • Odor-free, stain-free, clean tasting, 100% Borosilicate Glass with real wood friction-fit lid
  • Colorful silicone sleeves prove a no-slip grip and make it easy for kids and gueststo identify their own glasses Protective silicone sleeves make the glass perfect for outdoor use as it will not sweat in warm weather.
  • Tronco glass water bottle can be used to fill many kinds of liquids, such as cold / hot water, milk and beverages etc.
  • All parts BPA/BPS free and top rack dishwasher-safe. Do not microwave. Do not freeze.


Tronco 20oz Glass Tumbler Glass Water Bottle Straw Silicone Protective Sleeve Bamboo Lid – BPA Free

3728 reviews for Tronco 20oz Glass Tumbler with Straw

  1. Makayla Armstrong

    This cup is super easy to clean and super cute!

  2. Kirsten Boyles

    The cup is beautiful, very aesthetically pleasing plus I love glass cups more than plastic.

  3. Brittany Shreiner

    Great design. Love the look. Nicely made. Will order again.

  4. Rebecca Erickson

    I love this tumbler! It’s cute and doesn’t leak! The no sweat function of this cup is my favorite!

  5. Ashley Frees

    I love that it is a glass bottle! The lid stays secure, as well as the straw. The design is cute and modern.

  6. Nicole Rojas

    This is one of the cutest tumblers and you can’t beat the price! I also love that it’s glass and the seller was very thorough about explaining how to check for damage upon arrival which I really appreciated. Highly recommend!

  7. randi kramarz

    I like that it is glass with a protective sleeve

  8. Jessica Burgess

    Great design and great product.

  9. Eric Vega

    awesome product and easy to carry

  10. Tiffany Harling

    I love the look of this water bottle. I wish it was a little bigger.

  11. Milena

    The one I bought initially fell from the counter and broke but I liked the style so much that I immediately bought another one. Although is glass it doesn’t seem to be very sturdy but the design is nice. I also particularly like that you can take the top off and use it like a normal cup.

  12. Carlee McElroy

    Love this tumbler! So cute and works great!

  13. Archana Gabbard

    I love the design of this product. It’s simple and easy to use.

  14. Emily Moore

    It’s very aesthetically pleasing and functional! I really enjoy the way the straw is inserted into the lid as well.

  15. Lauren Buhl

    Very nice, but does not fit into cup holder in the car. Needs to be just slightly narrower

  16. Kristin Crainic

    The appearance is sleek and simple. I like the fact that the tumbler is glass and therefore easy to clean.

  17. Gricelda Martinez

    Awesome and nice looking tumbler.

  18. emily radziwon

    I love it! It’s so cute and functional.

  19. Kerry McCormack

    So cute! Doesn’t leak like other bottles

  20. Maria Ruiz

    I like the look,the price is awesome,and will recommend it to my friends.,

  21. Raquel Calvo

    I needed a new container to drink water, coffee, smoothies…and this reusable glass tumbler was perfect for it. I love the design, and I also think that is amazing how eco friendly it is. Overall, suck a good product.

  22. Michelle Baade

    I love the glass design! The silicone sleeve allows me to keep grip on the water bottle. The self sealing lid allows the lid to stay on but not get stuck.

  23. Alexis Basinger

    The product is very good and very well made. The colors are very aesthetically pleasing.

  24. Jamie T

    Love the bottle! Very convenient to use and fits in a cup holder

  25. Hilda Alvarez

    I fell that this bottle is perfect and so adorable . It will become my number one bottle to use on a daily basis . I will tell others about this because it is just so cute and I want others to be just as happy as I was. I would definitely recommend this bottle

  26. Zeljka Jurcevic

    The silicone sleeve arrived dirty but other than that it looks very high quality!

  27. Michele Alford

    My product just arrived and it looks great. One problem…I didn’t get a straw for one of the water bottles. Please send me the straws that go with the water bottle. Thanks!

  28. Madison Zanotto

    It’s a beautiful tumbler, exactly what I was looking for for my iced coffee as the weather gets nicer. The white looks great and I like that there is a silicone sleeve to protect the glass. Happy with my purchase so far, but I just got it.

  29. Kortney Marszalek

    Beautiful cup I’ve already recommended it to everyone

  30. Kristin Kline

    I just got it and I love it. The simplistic style and easy to clean are my favorite parts about it. I highly recommend.

  31. Milena

    It’s sleep and pretty. I love that it is glass and that you provide two straws

  32. Nicci Braasch

    Just received it. Cute water bottle – love that it is glass. Wish it were a tad bigger.

  33. Troy Bunker

    I like drinking from glass so this product is perfect for me

  34. Esther Jacobson

    I love the glass tumbler! It’s so nice to drink water of it and it looks so pretty as well! Would definitely recommend to a friends or family!!

  35. Hannah Zhao

    Love this design! Looks exactly like the picture, very light and easy to carry!

  36. Lily Zhong

    The design is gorgeous. I love that it’s sustainable and the customer support seems very good.

  37. Christy Vilmont

    I love the glass and durability. The design of the tumbler is very modern bf sleek which is aesthetically pleasing.

  38. Sydney Barnes

    Love it. Perfect for my iced coffee I make every morning!

  39. Hannah Bundy

    I love it. It’s exactly what I wanted. It’s super cute, leak proof, and a great gift idea.

  40. Julie Higham

    Product is sleek and functional!

  41. Christy Bordeaux

    This is my second cup, the first one got moldy rather quickly but I loved it so much I had to order another one.

  42. Grace Fortu

    Love the aesthetic look and clean minimalist design. Glass and silicone cover work well together. Would definitely purchase again.

  43. William Sheng

    I think this product has a great design. The glass and bamboo aesthetic is pleasing and the fact that the silicone sleeve not only protects the bottom but also reaches high up enough to function as a grip is great.

  44. Erin Read

    Very good Very good Very good Very good Very good Very good Very good Very good Very good Very good Very good Very good Very good Very good Very good Very good Very good Very good Very good Very good Very good Very good Very good Very good Very good Very good Very good Very good Very good Very good Very good Very good

  45. Danielle Moser

    I love the tumbler! It’s super cute and perfect for my drinks. I want to buy all the colors now. I will definitely be purchasing more of them. Great design. I can see me using this all summer long. This will definitely be my go-to tumbler.

  46. Charlene M Morales

    Nice design and a good size as well. I enjoy the multiple straws and the no spill when you take the straw out.

  47. Ghianda Boykin

    I was shopping by for a new glass tumblr and this gave me the the perfect size cup. It’s cute and perfect travel size! Would buy again.

  48. Karim zakaria

    Thus far, I have liked the design. I wanted this product because I consume so much coffee and would like to reduce my Dunkin Donuts/Starbucks costs.

  49. aliyah campbell

    Great quality! I really enjoy the versatility of this cup and the design.

  50. Margorie Didas

    This cup is so cute and is so handy. It has a silicone case around the outside that I was not prepared to receive! It made it so much better! Love it so much. Thank you for this

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